It's our 43rd Anniversary!

Forty-three years ago, seven Los Angeles Police Officers and one California Hwy Patrol Officer courageously united to take a stand against the evil in this world and the dark forces of the unseen world.

They were no longer going to helplessly watch as their Law Enforcement colleagues divorced, became abusive to their families, and began using alcohol and drugs to suppress their anxiety only to see this culminate in suicides. These eight cops knew the only answer to these issues and the only hope for anyone, especially Law Enforcement, is Jesus. They took this message of truth and salvation to Law Enforcement across the country.

These eight cops became the founding members of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers. On July 15, 1974, the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers was incorporated as a national 501 (c)(3) Christian ministry. The very next month, on August 13, 1974, FCPO Chapter #1 Los Angeles was officially chartered. We have now chartered 247 FCPO chapters in 46 states.

Countless men and women of Law Enforcement have surrendered their lives to Christ, marriages have been restored, addictions have been healed and hope has been renewed because eight Christian cops were obedient to God’s call. Please join me in prayer thanking God for retired LAPD Officers Karl Traber, Ralph Evans, Roger Sobie, Thomas Holroyd, Terry Speer, Nicholas Barbara, Steve Hartt and CHP Jack Kistler for standing firm for Christ because they loved their cop brothers and sisters more than they loved themselves.


July 15th marked the 43rd anniversary of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers' incorporation. To commemorate this occasion, we are asking our friends and supporters, if possible, to make a one-time gift of at least $43.00. When you make your gift, we also have a gift for you!

When we receive your gift of $43 or more, we'd like to show our appreciation for your support by sending you an autographed copy of Stories of Faith and Courage from Cops on the Street, authored by former FCPO-USA Executive Director Grant Wolf.

This groundbreaking devotional book demonstrates the vital difference men and women of faith make in law enforcement. It offers a glimpse in to what it's really like to be in law enforcement while demonstrating the spiritual side of the law enforcement community. And it's yours with our thanks for a gift of $43 or more to FCPO-USA.

When giving online, simply mark your donation as a one-time gift and designate it for our 43rd anniversary.

With your gifts and prayers, the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA will continue reaching the law enforcement community for Christ for another 43 years and beyond!

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of book.