The Impact of FCPO

What Others Say About Us

I think the FCPO has been one of the best communities of Christian law enforcement officers in the world."

West Dundee, IL

This is a great resource for all Christians who have answered the call to law enforcement."

Spring Hill, TN

Thank you for your ministry, the mailings I receive, the testimonies I read and all you are doing."


I have been reading the daily devotions for awhile and have been impacted by how applicable to my daily life they are!"

Muncie, IN

I am proud to be a member of this organization; the love and help they offer Law Enforcement is awesome. Please support FCPO!"

Harrison, TN

As a chaplain for police, fire, and first responders, I want to thank you for this ministry."

Woodland, WA

I praise God for having an organization like this."

Honolulu, HI

I pray that God blesses you all and your families. Thank you for everything."

Bowie, MD

I appreciate the work you are doing for the Christian police community. God bless you."

Ringgold, GA

Keep up the good work and we will be praying for you and all the officers through these very difficult times."

El Mirage, AZ
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