FCPO Charters 250th Chapter

September 5th, 2019

Another milestone in the ministry of FCPO was reached on August 25th, as our 250th chapter was chartered in Sparta, Wisconsin.

It was a perfect day with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s as law enforcement officers from all local agencies, along with their families, gathered at Fisherman's Park in Sparta, WI for the annual Monroe County Law Enforcement Picnic.

This event is always well attended but this time, there was something extra special taking place. This year's picnic was combined with the official opening of the Coulee Region Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA (Chapter #250).

After a time of food and fellowship, FCPO-USA Executive Director Paul Lee officially chartered the new chapter, presenting copies of the chapter charter certificate to each of the chapter officers. "We were blessed to have the Executive Director of FCPO with us on this special day", said Chapter Chairman Mike Larsen. "We had great food and a great turn out. Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of our FCPO chapter opening!"

It's always encouraging to us at the National Office to see the ministry expand as new chapters come together and new energy is poured into dormant chapters. The ministry of FCPO is truly taking root in communities across the nation.

Congratulations, guys! We thank you for your commitment and we are looking forward to see how God is going to use you and work through the Coulee Region Chapter!

FCPO Member Shares His Story

FCPO Member Robert (Bob) Faubel was a Special Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, and a full-time Police Officer for almost 25 years. He had no brothers or sisters and grew up with alcoholic parents. His father died when he was 12 and the family moved to Connecticut where Bob went to high school and college. After high school, Bob went into the US NAVY but got out early with an honorable discharge. 

"I grew up not believing in anything", says Bob. "My father was an atheist and my mother was a Catholic. Through high school, the NAVY, and college I had become an atheist because if I didn't see it, I didn't believe in it."

After college, Bob became involved in law enforcement. It was during this time as a Police Officer, that God put people in his life who would eventually lead him to become a Christian.

Now a retired Police Officer serving as an independent, non-denominational Police Chaplain, Bob recently wrote and published his testimony, Put Your Hands Up!: An Arrest Warrant From God. It is a raw and honest account of how the Lord brought Bob from being an atheist cop to a Christian cop. It shows how God doesn’t just seek out those who are seeking Him, but those who oppose Him as well.

Thank you, Bob, for sharing your testimony and we are excited to see how God will use it for His glory! Put Your Hands Up!: An Arrest Warrant From God is available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions.

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FCPO Celebrates 45 Years

June 25th, 2019

45 years...

Some of you haven't even been around that long!  And yet on July 15, 2019, the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers will be forty-five years old!  Here at the National Office, when communicating with the founders of FCPO, hearing the excitement in their voices or reading their enthusiastic and encouraging words, it spurs our faith and reinforces the vision that God has put before us!  But mostly, it is the stories of changed lives and healed hearts that come from you in the field that keeps us going.  By God’s grace and through your support, FCPO continues the transformational work of connecting peace officers with one another in a growing community of faith in Christ.

Because of your prayers and financial support, over the last five years FCPO has been able to:

  • create a new interactive website totally usable on all electronic devices,
  • create a presence on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter,
  • add roughly 800 new members to FCPO,
  • charter or reactivate 22 Chapters,
  • provide Rightnow Media (the Netflix of video Bible studies) to over 1900 of our members and supporters,
  • provide over 2000 regular, New Testament, or One Year Bibles to Peace Officers around the country,
  • provide over 600 Promises for Peace Officers scripture books to Peace Officers and cadets in police academies around the country,
  • provide over 200 Peace Officers Spouses with the book, UNDER FIRE; Marriage Through the Eyes of a Cop’s Wife by Kristi Neace,
  • provide over 200 copies of Stories of Faith and Courage from Cops on the Street to Peace Officers and cadets in police academies around the country,
  • distribute literally several thousand FCPO informational brochures and Psalm 91 cards to Peace Officers around the country,
  • help send over 500 Peace Officer married couples to biblically based marriage retreats with only 8 known divorces out of this group.

Isn’t that amazing!  And God continues to open new doors and provide new opportunities for us to bring even more resources to you on the front lines.  BUT, the only way we can continue to support our membership and chapters around the country is with your continued prayer and financial support.  If you are not already a monthly partner, please consider committing to giving at least $5.00 a month by clicking here.

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