National Office Welcomes New Staff Member

June 21st, 2021

An Interview with our Operations Coordinator

We want to introduce you to Brooke Ritterbush, our new Operations Coordinator at the FCPO-USA National Office.

How did you hear about FCPO?

Back in 2017, “by chance”, my Father-in-Law bumped into Paul Lee. Paul told him that FCPO was looking for a volunteer to help plan a fundraising event. At the time, I was in a transition professionally but didn’t have a direction for where the Lord wanted me to go next. Because I had many years of experience in the not-for-profit world and had extensive experience planning events, my Father-in-Law gave Paul my contact information. The next thing I knew I was sitting across the table from Paul and Steve Rogers at our local Panera learning about FCPO and their ideas for a fundraising event. 

So, I assume a lot has transpired since 2017, how did you make your way back to FCPO?

No doubt a lot has changed in the world since then! I helped the FCPO team plan and execute their fundraiser and after spending close to a year learning about the organization, I really embraced the vision of the organization and wanted to do what I could to advance the mission. At that time, there wasn’t a place for me on staff, so I did what I could to stay connected to FCPO even if from a distance. 

The fundraising event at FCPO helped me to see that the Lord has equipped me to help nonprofit organizations not only plan/execute events, but has also gifted me to help launch new projects, take a larger vision, and break it down into smaller actionable pieces. I actually enjoy organizing the day-to-day processes and procedures that often get overlooked.  

I started my own event planning business back in 2018 and served several local and regional organizations that way. Then, in 2020 with the Covid outbreak, that came to a screeching halt and I found myself in another transition which is when I heard from Paul Lee about the opportunity to serve on staff at FCPO.

What are some of the things you do as the Operations Coordinator?

Since coming on staff this past spring, I have spent a lot of time listening to Paul, Steve, and Ivette talk about FCPO and the various things they are working on. I was able to meet the Board of Directors back in May and learned so much from the bit of time I spent with them. I have spent time learning the “database” which for me is not just a list of names but represents actual people with real lives who are working day in and day out to serve their families, communities, and churches in a way that brings glory and honor to God.  

Basically, I will help Paul and the team advance the mission of FCPO by managing the daily operations of FCPO which includes planning company events, researching/utilizing systems and technology for FCPO staff, and developing project management processes. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

My husband David and I live in Ringgold, GA with our two dogs Charlie and Walker. Last year we built a garden and I enjoy spending time out there tending to all the plants and finding new ways to use the produce we get from the garden. We really enjoy the outdoors so like to go camping and hiking when time allows. 

Any last thoughts you want to share? 

I have not served in law enforcement but since getting to know the FCPO team I have learned a lot about the day in and day out pressures that many of our members face. Even though I don’t deal with these pressures in my life, I know without a doubt that the Lord gives us all EVERYTHING we need pertaining to life and godliness. I want to use the gifts and experiences the Lord has provided me, to help FCPO develop a Christian mindset in peace officers using biblical truths to transform their lives, families, and communities. I want to see Light shine in the darkness and overcome it and I can have no doubt that is happening through the efforts of FCPO.

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