Prayer Tents in Miami

June 22nd, 2021

Earlier this month, we received the following report from Jorge Alessandri, Chairman of Chapter #231, Miami-Dade FCPO, about their chapter's Memorial Day outreach event:

"Blessings everyone!

"I wanted to share with all of you what an incredible blessing the prayer tent was. We set up our new FCPO tents in an area that has historically been one of our greatest problem spots, and this is the first year that we had zero issues there. This was also the first year, in all the years we have had the Memorial Day events, that I felt peace. We took a proactive step showing people love, reminding them how special they are in His eyes, and we felt the difference. I also had a dear friend who brought down some prayer warriors who walked in the community and prayed with people. In one instance, a man offered them drugs. When they offered to pray with him, he said he had tried it all and could not get out of it. They then prayed with him and he began to cry uncontrollably. The chains of the lies he had been told that kept him in this "spiritual prison" were broken.

"So much healing occurred! Thank you to everyone who came out. For those who couldn't, even though you wanted to be there, your prayers were heard! So, thank you!!!

"Please keep praying that this movement of prayer and healing would continue, not only here but all over the country." 

What's going on in your chapter? Have you recently had a community outreach or service project? Do you have an event coming up? We want to hear about it! Send details and photos to [email protected]. Let your chapter's activities encourage and challenge other chapters across the nation!

Posted by Steve Rogers | Topic: Chapter Activities
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